Grayscale Photography of the Kelpies

Hannah is stood by some railings, looking over. SR is a ramp leading down towards the audience. She is sobbing gently. Sound of gentle water lapping.  

Harry walks past, swinging from a can. 

Notices Hannah.

HARRY            (Loud) Hey there, lovely lady! Why the tears?

Hannah wafts him away. 

HARRY            (Quieter.) Hey, no, seriously, babe. Why the crying? 

She turns away.

He sidles up and nudges her.

HARRY            Come on love? What’s up?

She looks down.

HARRY            I come here sometimes. When I need to get away from it all. Have a bit of a think. Not very often, obviously, cus thinking’s hard. I’m more of doer than a thinker! A lover not a fighter. But, yeah, it’s good down here. Watch the old Thames lapping up. And lapping down.

She looks up.

And sometimes (He throws the can over) it can take my troubles away with it.

Points after the can.

                        Bob. Bob. Bob. And now it’s gone.


                        What would be your problem, love? What do you want to throw away?

HANNAH         My boyfriend. He – Starts sobbing.

HARRY            Hey, hey, it’s alright.

HANNAH         No it’s not.

HARRY            Well, then, let’s make it alright. You got anything of his?

She rummages in her purse. Takes out a key ring with a fabric horse on it.

HANNAH         He gave me this.

HARRY            Well then. This is him. (Takes the keys off and hands them back to her.) This is him and all his shitty, not okay, behaviour. What do you want to say to him?

HANNAH         I want to say. . .

HARRY            Go on.

HANNAH         Fuck off Gary!

HARRY            Go on.

HANNAH         You’re a stupid twat, Garry, I can’t believe you’d go with her and I wish you’d fuck off and die.

HARRY            Yeah, that’s it!

HANNAH         And you were rubbish in bed, you’ve got a tiny cock and pimples on your arse and I fucking hate you Garry Spence!

HARRY            Yeah, alright, that’s done it. Now throw it away.

HANNAH grabs it from him and chucks it into the water. They both watch it bob away. She seems lighter.


HARRY            I know a story about a horse. (She looks at him. Pause.) N’ah it’s silly

HANNAH         Aww, go on.

HARRY            N’ah, you wouldn’t like it. It’s one of them fairy stories. Kid’s stuff.

HANNAH         Tell me.

HARRY            N’ah.

HANNAH         Pleeease.

HARRY            Alright, well in olden times, there was this magical horse, right?

HANNAH         Like a unicorn?

HARRY            Like a unicorn. But less horny.

HANNAH         Right.

HARRY            It’s this beautiful horse right. Fit and lively. And women, when they see the horse, they just can’t help themselves, they just want to get their leg over it.

HANNAH giggles.

HARRY            It’s not funny! They take one look at this horse with it’s flowing – what they call it? Yeah, mane – it’s got this flowing mane (Tosses his head) and these women see it and they just want to go for a ride.

HANNAH         Yeah?

HARRY            Look, I’ll show you. Bends slightly. Get on!

HANNAH         What?

HARRY            Hop on, I’ll show you! Piggy back! Well, horsey back!

HANNAH         You’re mad, you!

HARRY            Come on, let’s go for a ride.


HANNAH         Alright!

She jumps on.

HARRY            And then this horse goes for a ride, right! And it’s the most amazing ride these women have ever had. I mean this horse can keep it going for hours (running round the stage.) Up and down, up and down, it’s got stamina. (He jolts her up and down. She squeals.) And they fucking love it! Time of their lives! And the horse keeps on going until, eventually – (he stops at the top of the ramp.)

HANNAH         Yeah?

HARRY            Yeah what?

HANNAH         What happens then?

HARRY            When?

She play slaps him.

HANNAH         Once they’ve gone for this looong ride. Then what happens?

HARRY            What do you think happens?

HANNAH         Well, if this horse is like any boys I know after he’s had his ride he dumps them of his back and runs off.

HARRY            Oh no! Not this horse!

HANNAH         No?

HARRY            Oh no! He sticks with them, the women who ride him, till the ends of their lives!

HANNAH         Aww!

HARRY            He takes them to a river. And they look out at it.

HANNAH         Awww!

He starts to walk down the ramp.

HANNAH         Then what happens?

HARRY            Hey?

HANNAH         What happens when he gets to the river?

HARRY            Oh! Then –

He is nearing the bottom of the ramp.

HANNAH         (Squealing with delight.) Look, out you nutter! You’re getting your shoes all wet!

HARRY            Then – he goes right up to the river.

HANNAH         (Laughing!) Careful! Don’t slip!

HARRY            Then he takes them right down to the water’s edge.

HANNAH         You’re crazy you!

HARRY            And then he jumps in. With them on his back. And he drowns them. And he eats them.


HANNAH         Oh.

He jumps forward. Blackout.