Inspiring Things in My Room: 1 Sonic Screwdriver

by tomwrightdreamer

I have had man-flu so I wanted a house bound Artist’s Date for Week 2.

I have never really been into photography; don’t know why, as I’m very interested in composition on the stage and it might help develop my eye. So, I thought I would take pictures of Inspiring Things in my room.  Conveniently there are 12 in all, so I’m going to post them once a week until I’m done.

Here is me making use of my camera-phone for pretty much the first time, and poorly tweaking things in iPhoto:

‘Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, “Ooh, this could be a little more sonic”?’

If you’ve got to this stage of the blog and you’re thinking, ‘Hmmm, is this just a load of theatre, Buddhism and hippy stuff?’ I say to you, ‘No. There is also Geekery.’

I wasn’t allowed guns as a child. I managed to sneak some tiny ones into the house on the basis that they were held by cars which turned into robots and so won’t real, but in general, no guns. And while I envied the cap-gun six-shooters of my peers, I did, sort of, agree with the point my mother was making. Even when very little I would watch the A-Team emerge, theme tune-a-pumping, from a barn, having made a tank out of a dune buggy, some egg-boxes, sticky back plastic and several machine-guns. And they would be firing the machine guns at the baddies, who would fly in the air (over the camera – ooh!) and then land. And then go ow for a bit before hopping off home looking shame-faced.

And even at age 5 I understood that if you fire a machine-gun at someone, they don’t leave limping. And I thought that, maybe, pretending that they did was abad lie.

The Doctor doesn’t (in the vast majority of cases) shoot people, aliens or sentient robots. Instead he uses his brain and a little shrill light on a stick. And the fact that he takes such effort to avoid taking life is why he is a hero.

Maybe there isn’t a non-violent solution to every situation. Doesn’t make it excusable not to try.